OTTIS facilitates the smartest approach for buying Taxi Drivers Insurance, California

Oswald Taxi and Transportation Services (OTTIS) has become one of the most trustworthy, reliable and dedicated providers of taxi insurance in California. In the current market scenario, commercial taxi insurance is a mandatory investment for ensuring the safety of cab companies and their drivers, and also for granting a seal of legitimacy to their business. Having gained several accolades for being the fastest growing insurance company in Oregon as well as California, OTTISnow facilitates a smarter approach to avail affordable insurance plans.

Taxi insurance in Oregon, and California, is a very competitive market as there are plenty of small and big businesses for the innumerable cars on the streets, especially in California. However, OTTIS has emerged as the best company for taxi drivers insurance in California with its smart online approach, customer-centric policies and affordable rates.They determine cost-effective insurance plans based on the needs of the client, the vehicle’s age, the driving history of the drivers and other functioning aspects.

Online Insurance Plans

OTTIS allows its clients to start their purchasing process for taxi insurances online. It has now introduced a simple online form where the interested customers can easily input all the relevant details about the kind of operation and the locations where they wish to operate. Insurance buyers must also mention their general req’sas well as auto liability requirements. Share this info easily online, and OTTIS will get back with a quote!

With this online facility, OTTIS has initiated the smartest way of investing in insurance plans. It is safer, faster and reliable. Clients don’t need to waste time over visiting insurance companies or calling agents to get a desirable insurance coverage.

Online Claim Submission            

Now,  clients can submit their claims online with OTTIS. This easy and smart online approach enables customers to report any fraudulent case or accident, right on the website itself. One has to just submit all the relevant information regarding their claim in the claims form and the company will initiate the act of verification to start the settlement process. This time saving and easy access makes OTTIS the smartest provider of taxi drivers insurance California.

To get further information regarding thetaxi insurance Oregon, California and other parts of the West Coast as offered by OTTIS, you can visit their website

About Oswald taxi and Transportation Services: OTTIS is the fastest growing taxi insurance provider in California, insuring taxis, limos and other non-medical transport companies all over the West Coast. They take pride in offering customer-centric services at affordable rates.



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