Cutscenes will add depth to the Fifa Coins

Cutscenes will add depth to the Fifa Coins, again much like NBA 2K. One we saw during the presentation showed a particularly dark time in Hunter’s career, where a series of particularly poor performances led to him being sent out on loan. In the scene, he chats with his (abrasively cockney) grandad about the loan move. Hunter then receives a call from his agent to turn on “Sports News”, his parent club have just signed a big name player in his position, Harry Kane, who talks about his excitement at the transfer. Again, this is based on the new performance capture of these players.

You are then presented with three dialogue options of how to react: defeatist, determined or angry.

After the match, you’ll take part in post-match interviews, again your responses to the questions will have an impact in different areas, including whether or not your manager wants a word and how happy your social media following is with you.