Wedding Bomboniere – Signifies a tradition of excellence

If you are getting ready for your big day, one of the items that can make your wedding worth remembering for your guests is to purchase wedding bomboniere for them. It is a traditional custom started since 18th century where the contents are chosen small that keep the memories of your wedding alive in the minds of those who attended your reception. However, it is a tough task to find unique Bomboniere ideas that reveal what you are as a couple and what your guests actually want. Along with this beautiful custom, it is also important to choose a beautiful wedding venue like Mortlock winery to make your day a precious one to cherish forever.

Bomboniere is also known as wedding favors which were initially observed in the upper-class weddings. Over the years, the content of this tradition has changed a lot. From chocolate, sweets to candles and photo frames, everything is offered in beautifully packed Bomboniere boxes. The choice of opting for a traditional route or taking a more contemporary option is basically determined by the couple or the wedding planner. However, choosing bomboniere gifts for each guest is truly a difficult one. To help you out in this respect, you will get some amazing Bomboniere ideas that you can go for.

Find out some exciting ideas

  • Designing deck of cards

This can be truly fun-filled. How about printing off or designing a deck of cards with images of the couple? This idea will not only prove cost-effective as you buy so many wedding favors for your guests, but it will also give a personalized touch to every gift.

  • Scratchy Lottery ticket

Though it is not a personalized gift idea, an instant lottery ticket still would prove cost-effective and can create excitement or joy among guests to know who strikes lucky.

  • A picture frame

If you would like to have a photo booth by professional wedding photographers at your wedding, why not click the pictures of your guests and keep them in style in photo frames!

  • Individual cartoons

How about having a cartoon artist drawing images of every guest? This type of wedding favors will definitely make people smile, and they will get an awesome feel of getting a piece of art from your wedding.

The wedding bomboniere is truly a nice touch to a wedding. They are not a necessity but a great way to show your courteousness to the people who have attended your wedding to shower their blessings on you.

However, choosing Bomboniere is not the only thing you need to do, the selection of the venue also plays an important role. Make sure your idea match the theme and decoration of your wedding so that the whole aspect of your bid day flows in harmony.

One such beautiful wedding venue located is Mortlock winery, located in North Adelaide. Many people held their wedding reception at its magnificent Mortlock Library. The place is one of those beautiful wedding locations where every wedding photographer dream of shooting wedding photographs once in a lifetime. The place offers excellent backdrops for some really convoluted looking wedding photographs.


Confuse to buy wedding favors for your guests? Don’t worry, check out some exciting Bomboniere Ideas here and make your wedding an unforgettable one for your guests. To add more glamor to the wedding, choose a venue that makes your guests speechless. Mortlock winery is such a location that adds a royal touch to a wedding.