Staffing Services is changing life line of Organizations which Aspires to Grow

Staffing services for Flightcase is different and has worked well over last 8 yrs plus for its clients who have been retained for over 5 years. 90% client retention in staffing services & 40% of staff have more than 5 years experience which is a remarkable story all the way!!

Flightcase which exclusively provides resources/staffing professionally to over 12 customers across US/UK & Europe all from its managed service center at Pune. Growth has been steady as it takes clients only which have a long term prospect in mind, not just to hire staff for short duration.

Options to provide staff for 24 x 7 globally, makes Flightcase different in its staffing for respective customers. Flightcase operates on behalf of its customers and provides them full support by remotely working on their network and switches. Service delivery levels (SLA in other words needs to be 95%) to impress upon its customers. Our facilities are well coordinated to work with client operations. It has helped our staffing folks to be well settled in their workstation as well as provide 24 x 7 supports as needed by customer. Their productivity also means a lot for our operations to succeed. With state-of-the-art communications and technology offerings, Flightcase stands one step ahead of actually no competitors as we are the consistent best with an excellent track record.

Providing staffing services for US is quite different for providing for UK. UK has more concerns on diction in terms of communication. Whereas Americans prefer all-rounders and value for money. Management cares for its staffers to provide 100% best productivity at all times for 24 x 7.

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