Check out the exciting features of Stangate house – offering a beautiful wedding venue

If you are planning to get married in Adelaide, you can certainly choose Stangate house as one of the most popular wedding venues in this place where you can make your big day the most memorable day of your life. Every one of us wants to make our wedding perfect including all those things we dreamt about. Even if you are on a strict budget, you will get a number of ideas to implement in your wedding. Utopia waterfall gully also offers a beautiful location to organize a fairy tale wedding.

When it comes to choosing the perfect wedding venue, you must be wanting  to visit different locations within your area. If you are based in Adelaide, a place in Australia, you may find excellent venues to organize your wedding from which Stangate house may stand above your expectations. The place is surrounded by beautiful sights and scenes that can add a glamor to your wedding to make it worth remembering. The place is ideal for both outdoor and indoor ceremony.

Let’s have a look at some of the exciting features of this wedding venue

  • The place is located at the centre of Aldgate. Designed by famous architect Eric McMichael in the 1940, the house is speread across four acres area and overlook some of the most beautiful camellia gardens of Australia. Developed in the year 1940, the place is now at the hands of the Authority of South Australia.
  • The gardens are just perfect for walking around and wedding photography. The overhanging foliage and soft light of the sun passing through the branches of the giant trees create a magical environment. Couples organizing bridal party at this location can get some amazing opportunities of clicking stunning photos.
  • If you prefer to organize an outdoor wedding ceremony, this wedding venue offers an excellent garden patio. The capacity of this house is around 300 guests. Another wedding venue called Utopia waterfall gully is well taken care of and a perfect venue for outdoor wedding ceremony. There is a lovely rustic dining room and an amazing patio with an excellent This place is not only perfect for your wedding ceremony to take place; it is also a beautiful place to take wedding photographs.

Once you firmly choose the perfect venue for your wedding, it is now time to decide what type of theme you would like to include in your wedding. Discussing your decoration ideas with wedding planners may help you to choose the best theme for your wedding. It is really very important for them to know what you exactly want in your wedding to make it look in the way you always dreamed of. While choosing the venue, take your wedding photographer with you as he or she can better suggest you whether the location is perfect for clicking stunning pictures for wedding photography or not. After all, it is the big day of your life where the moments will be captured in photos to cherish forever. So, you deserve nothing but the best for your wedding.

Are you planning to organize your wedding reception in one of the wedding venues of Adelaide? Consider visiting Stangate house, beautiful wedding venue located in this place. Another wedding venue called Utopia waterfall gully is also popular for organizing grand wedding reception. So, if you would like to make your wedding worth remembering with stunning wedding photographs, these two places offer the best background and location.