Plans for 2007 Rs Gold

“For me, the highlight of the year was undoubtedly witnessing the
creation of the 200th million RuneScape account, which secured the game’s
place as the most played online game of all time. But 2013 is going to be
even better.” runescape gold As the game begins year 13, the development
team has plans in place to ensure 2013 is “bigger, better and more
ambitious” for players.

Plans for 2007 Rs Gold, pure HTML5-powered RuneScape experience are in the
works, as well as the planned release of two new skills along with; a
Grandmaster-level quest, Wilderness Warbands, a Construction skill rework;
an improved grouping system; and the ability to customize the
screen/interface. The RuneScape community team will kick off the
celebrations with the first of 12 player events which will run throughout
the birthday weekend.