Protect Homes against Harmful Radiations

Vaughan, Ontario –Some people are unaware of the unseen dangers lurking in the surroundings that are slowly attacking the body. Most of these come from the devices that are frequently used every day. Even the littlest devices can emit dangerous radiations that can damage a human body when exposed to high levels of it. Microwave radiation is an example of this noxious wave that strikes through the body. A common household appliance that emits this kind of radiation is thMicrowave radiation,Protect Homes against Harmful Radiations
e microwave oven. As the name suggests, it uses a microwave to cook, heat, or warm food. Human exposure to it will cause serious eye damage or event sterility in men. Aires Technologies ( developed a safety device that hinders or decreases the amount of microwave radiation received by the body.

The Black Crystal is a product of Aires Technologies that helps in maintaining a safe level of microwave radiation that is emitted by household devices. The common household electronics that people use that uses this kind of radiation are microwave ovens, laptops, and televisions. What this device does is it neutralizes the electrical and magnetic radiations coming from certain electronic devices. It decreases the wavelength of the radiations into a level were health is not that compromised. It is a small stylish protection device that triggers when exposed to high levels of harmful radiations. Aires Technologies values the health of the human race and developing this one is their biggest contribution to a safer environment.

Microwave radiation has a carcinogenic effect on the body. It promotes the formation of cancer cells which later on attacks the internal organs. It is always good to have a device that will protect the people living in a house. Living an illness free life is just a device away.