Pioneer Windows & Doors Inc Offers Door Installation Toronto

Pioneer Windows & Doors Inc

Pioneer Windows & Doors Inc

While you are moving into a new property or renovating your residence, you must check whether every part of the house is taken care of or not. That includes checking the installation of your doors and windows. Since doors are the gateways to your home, you should take extra care of it. A beautifully installed door can speak thousands about the home and its owner. Pioneer Windows ( in Toronto claims to give you the perfect door installation service for your satisfaction.

Pioneer Windows is one of the reputed names when it comes to door installation services in Toronto. Not only that, but you can hear its name in other cities also. Till date, they have successfully installed and replaced thousands of doors. They offer front and interior door designs and styles so that you won’t have to scratch your head for searching designs. Their doors are made up of superb quality materials like stainless steel, wood, fibreglass, etc.

Damage Door Repair:

At Pioneer Windows we understand what harshness a door has to withstand. That is why we never compromise on the quality of the material and the design. The team of professional door installer will repair any kind of door related issues. They are completely trained professionals and are licensed only after a thorough background check. The kinds of damages that we repair are:

a.    Rotting of the woods
b.    Rust
c.    Squeaking
d.    Water leaking
e.    Air leaking
f.    Damaged and broken door locks and knobs
g.    Repairing of door screens and much more


Our team comprises of trained interior decorators that help you choose the most suitable according to the design of your home. All the workers are professionally trained and scientifically sound. They know that your garage is a place which shall be kept warm. That is why they will always install energy efficient and insulated garage door which will control the optimum temperature inside the garage. Or if you have a highly sophisticated interior, they will recommend wooden cabinet and wall closet which makes your room look spacious. They also help to set up one-way screens for your doors which have become the recent trend. Shower door installation and Automatic door closer are two of their area of expertise.


There are a number of financing options at Pioneer Windows. You can use the Consumer Credit Card provided by the Home Depot. You can even go for the Project Loan offered by many banks.