All you need to know about acne

Toronto, ON – Acne is treatable and very common especially in people between the ages of 12 and 25. However, there are some older or even younger people who suffer from this and some may even require treatment lasting months. As per Canada MedLaser, boys are more prone to acne than girls, and it usually affects the face, but it could also affect the neck, chest, and back.

The explanation for the resurgence of acne as per Canada MedLaser ( is: there are sebaceous glands which are under the surface of the skin and these keep the skin supple by producing oil which reaches the surface through the pores. However, when the sebum gets trapped, this is an ideal place for the bacteria Propioni bacterium acnes to grow in. When there are a large number of these, the immune system reacts to these and inflammation is caused. If the inflammation develops further, the skin surrounding it gets red and the spots get larger and filled with pustules. The inflamed spot heals but sometimes it remains discoloured even after weeks. Sometimes a pitted scar is also left on the skin where there was the inflammation.

A per Canada MedLaser – acne is made worse by some contraceptive pills or even some medicines and steroid creams or ointments. In women, it is during hormonal changes, especially around their monthly period. It is also caused when thick and greasy makeup is used. Picking and squeezing causes it to worsen as also sweating heavily. Sometimes, these spots develop under tight clothing.

Debunking common myths, Canada MedLaser informs that acne is not caused due to poor hygiene. Sometimes washing excessively may increase it. Stress too does not cause acne because acne is just a skin infection. Acne is also not contagious nor can it be cured by drinking excessive amounts of water and flushing away the toxins.

Regarding the treatment of acne, Canada MedLaser informs that acne is normally treated by various gels, creams, and lotions. These are used to treat the affected skin. Some common topical treatments include benzoyl peroxide, azelaic acid, retinoids as well as topical antibiotics. Sometimes isotretinoin tablets, antibiotic tablets as well as hormone treatment tablets are given as well.

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