A shyness test collection

Forget the subcultures of normcore and hipster, they are already out of fashion. Journalist Richard Godwin in an article in the Evening Standard has coined a term we hear about: the cutester. They are arriving from London and are young creative and optimistic lifestyle "healthy", they love the street food, tattooed on the skin and emoticons feature sweatshirts online and T-shirts with naive characters, often stolen from the cartoon. Definitely "cute", literally "cute."

Certainly the new trend has not escaped to Essentiel, Antwerp brand fresh style, quirky and sophisticated, which has just launched a special partnership: a collaboration between Inge Onsea, creative director of Disney Essentiel and, in fact, was born a capsule dedicated to Bashful, one of the Seven Dwarfs Snow White. Do you remember? The dwarf was more timid, what blushed at the slightest provocation, and now comes printed on a variety of T-shirts and sweatshirts in white and gray variants, with golden details or sequins, as a perfect "cutester".
But even on tops and skirts coordinated neoprene and Magic Shopper.

For the series ‘Do not Be Shy’ (which is also a claim of the capsule),click here: www.highqualitybuy.com.