Dr. Paul’s Multispeciality Clinic is providing 5000 hair grafts at Rs. 50000/-

hair transplant

Dr. Paul’s Multispeciality Clinic has come upon with an exciting offer for all those who are in need of concealing the bald head with the aid of a hair transplantation surgery. This exciting offer price includes the transplantation of 5000 hair grafts at Rs. 50000/- only.

is regarded as the one and only mean to restore the lost hair permanently. This is completely safe and secure and with its beneficial trait, patients are provided with a natural and attractive look. No one can guess that the hair on the head gets transplanted.

hair transplant

However, this is a surgical procedure in which the hair of the stable donor zone of the patient is extracted by the concerned surgeon. The extracted hair, thereafter, is used to cover the bald areas over the scalp. Besides, this unique remedy can be applicable for transplanting the hair of eyelash, beard and eyebrow also. The cost and duration are completely dependent on the factors like number of sessions, area to be treated, number of involved medical professionals, duration of each sitting and so on.

The process is FDA approved and the used tools and technology are also accredited by the same. Hence, there is nothing to be worried about it. Both men and women can enjoy the advantages of this unique aesthetic or medical method. And at any of Dr. Paul’s Clinic, patients will be treated with complete proficiency for evading all sorts of hazards or troubles during the operation and even after its completion.

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Dr. Paul’s Multispeciality Clinic has been delivering the world class aesthetic services to the innumerable people of India since 2007. The organization has completed almost a decade in this industry and its demand and fame is continually uprising. Various branches all over the country have made it quite easy for the patients to get access to this organization. All the team members along with the surgeons or doctors are bound to proffer the best possible outcome.

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