Some Changes Has Been Made in Runescape Gold

Some Changes Has Been Made in Runescape Gold
Some changes has been made in Deadman mode, such as skull timer, maximum key number, hitpoints insurance. Finally, the latest update reveal some of these new changes in the game. Now, you can gather some 07 RS Deadman mode gold cheap on RS3hot to help you make most of these changes. Read more to check out the new changes added in Deadman mode.

Number of bank keys has been changed
You can receive the most valuable keys from that player rather than the oldest when killing a player who is in possession of bank keys. If you do not have inventory space to receive a key it will be dropped to the floor. All keys are dropped to the floor in a safe zone. Keys on the floor which belong to a player who dies are destroyed. A player frozen by guards cannot pickup or telegrab items.
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