Master Hanz Cua Unveils His New TV Segment, Umagang Kay Swerte

Master Hanz Cua (or simply Master Hanz), who is dubbed as the most trusted albeit being the youngest Feng Shui expert in the country, presented his latest segment in the morning show Umagang Kay Ganda aptly called Umagang Kay Swerte. The segment premiered last June 27, 2016, as part of the extended lifestyle magazine show. In the said segment, Master Hanz answers various questions related to fortune telling live on TV and for free.

Questions, which are in video format, are solicited from the televiewers. The mechanics are simple. If you are a Kapamilya who wished to ask for guidance from Master Hanz, craft a short video of yourself. Tell pertinent information about yourself such as your name and birthday and, of course, your question. You may also tell him your Chinese zodiac sign so he can better read your fortune.

Submit the said video through uploading it on the official pages of Umagang Kay Ganda on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Its official Facebook account is while its official handler is @ukgdos. The handler is the same on both Twitter and Facebook accounts. In addition to this, you need to tag the show or simply use the hashtag #umagangkayswerte to alert the staff of the new video upload.

Video uploads shown on the segment are chosen randomly. Thus, if you submit a video, make sure that you tune in every Tuesday morning to see if the video you published is chosen. Throughout the segment, up to five video questions are answered by the premier fortune teller Philippines, Master Hanz. In some rare instances, the video uploaded is invited to appear personally on the show and come face to face with the expert.

One critical aspect to note is anyone can ask any questions. There is no limitation to the scope of the question for as long as it is geared toward fortune telling. The question can be anything about career, love life, relationship, wealth, fertility, etc. Master Hanz will cater to each question to the best of his capabilities, expertise, and experience.

To answer the questions of the day, nevertheless, he will be using various methods like tarot card reading and I Ching coins reading. He might be using other methods in the future. While at it, the segment is also a good venue to know more about Feng Shue, fortune telling, Chinese astrology, and divination, among others. Master Hanz readily and willingly shares his knowledge about these topics.

Alternatively, if you are not able to catch him early in the morning, you may still listen to him on Barangay LS FM 97.1 through Papa Dan’s Wanted Sweetheart radio program. Master Hanz gives on-air fortune telling to the listeners who forwarded information about his or her birthday. The program airs every Wednesday from 9pm to 12mn.

As you watch or listen to him, you will hear the master say that his forecasts are just a guide. Success lies in your own hands still. Indeed, you are master of your own future.