Holistic Institutes & Training Market


Bharatbook.com announces a report on “Holistic Institutes & Training Market”. These organizations, mostly for-profits, aim to sharpen one’s skills in sales, time management, leadership, customer service, and public speaking.

Simply the most comprehensive business analysis that exists of the $777 million U.S. market for holistic institutes and personal development training organizations. This Marketdata study examines a little-researched sub-segment of the broader $9+ billion self-improvement market.

There are only 16 Holistic Institutes in the United States. They are non-profits that offer an interesting variety of seminars, workshops and retreats covering a wide variety of spiritual, personal development and financial topics. Many of the top motivational speakers, book authors and gurus have affiliations with these institutes and make appearances there.

The other, larger, and more rapidly growing segment of this market consists of training organizations that serve mostly corporate clients but also individuals. These are companies such as Dale Carnegie, Franklin-Covey and Toastmasters. These organizations, mostly for-profits, aim to sharpen one’s skills in sales, time management, leadership, customer service, and public speaking. Hay House is a publishing/seminar company that falls somewhere in between, with a strong spiritual bent.

This study analyzes the market’s $ size/growth (2007-2020 forecast), market structure, major trends and developments to 2016, the shift to Internet delivery of content, customer demographics. In-depth company profiles for: Dale Carnegie, Franklin-Covey, Sandler Training, Toastmasters, Gaiam, Hay House, the Omega Institute, Esalen Institute, New York Open Center, Oasis Center, Naropa, Option Institute, Kripalu Center, The Learning Annex, and Wainwright House. Includes An overview and summary of the total self-improvement market, with $ values of all market segments, major market trends, opinions of industry experts and consultants.

Overview of the Total Self-improvement Market

– Discussion of market nature & definition, characteristics, major developments of past 2 years, avg. customer profile, why demand exists for programs.

– Findings/transcripts of interviews with market movers & shakers at: selfgrowth.com (David Riklan, Steve Salerno (author of “Sham”, others), technology trends, marketing methods.

– Changing of the guard: older gurus retiring and dying, who will replace them?

– The explosion of SI content via Internet entrepreneurs – discussion

– Negative publicity still exists: indictment of Kevin Trudeau, company closures and criticisms

– Market Size & Growth, Segments: Table & Discussion of total market size, growth, outlook (2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013-14, 2018 forecasts), estd. $ size of major segments, BY DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL: Infomercials, mail order catalogs, motivational speaker seminars, holistic institutes, self-improvement books & audiobooks, personal coaching.

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