French Pastries for Keeps

Thornhill, Ontario – Who doesn’t love the chewy and delectable taste that these French pastries put to everyone’s taste buds? Every bite of this heaven sent snack sends tingles down to the spine. It brings anyone to a whole new feeling of lightness. It’s a definitely a sweet tooth’s haven. Amadeus Patisserie ( offers a wide range of different twists on the famous French pastry Toronto. If one craves for the original taste of French pastries then this is the right spot to go to. There’s no need for anyone to go to France to have a grab on such flavourful treats because they’ll be the one bringing the treat right in everyone’s plates.

Amadeus Patisserie caters to those who are into French pastry Toronto. Named as Toronto’s premiere pastry shop, this one-of-a-kind French pastry heaven satisfies every pastry and cake enthusiasts’ longing for authentic French styled desserts. They preserved the European heritage and tradition in each piece of pastry that they serve their clients. Along with this, they consistently are adding different luscious new variations and concoctions to their large list of French inspired desserts. From mouth-watering Tiramisus to scrumptious Red Velvets up to delicious Éclairs, they’ve infused different ingredients that will surely enhance the taste and the flavour of these favourite treats.

Aside from the taste bud tickling flavour that these French pastry Toronto has, there is no denying that the outlying design also adds up to that urge of sinking the teeth into it. Amadeus Patisserie also believes that aside from the taste buds, it is also important to feed the eyes. This is why they carefully shape and design each and every pastry in a way that it will surely make the eyes crave for more. If one seeks that original French flavour in pastries then this is definitely the right shop to be in.

Amadeus Patisserie
7380 Bathurst St. Thornhill, ON L4J 7M1
Phone: (905) 882 – 9957