Electrochromic Glass Market Trends, Growth Analysis and Forecasts 2014 to 2021

Electrochromic Glass

The Electrochromic Glass Market Research Report published by DecisionDatabases.com provides industry analysis and evaluation of the current and prospective market size, share, trend, growth and forecast during the study period (2014–2021).

Electrochromic glass is a type of technologically glass that changes its properties according to the needs of the environment with the passage of voltage. It changes from transparent to translucent state by blocking some or all wavelengths of light.

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Electrochromic glasses are modern and innovative glasses which can be used in residential and commercial buildings, restaurants, hospitals, labs and retail outlets to create partitions in their walls, windows, and skylights.

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Electrochromic glasses have witnessed rapid development after the commercialization of the glass after 2000s. The market has been witnessing a series of new product launches and partnerships across the value chain. The increase in architectural investments over architectural segment further helps to boost the growth of the electrochromic glass market.

Major player assessed in the report is :
– Asahi Glass Company
– ChromoGenics AB
– Gentex Corporation
– Guardian Industries
– Magna Glass & Window
– PPG Industries
– RavenBrick LLC
– SAGE Electrochromics Inc.
– Others

Asia Pacific is one of the fastest growing markets for electrochromic glass market. The factors influencing the demand in this market are rapid industrialization, urbanization, growing economy and increase in investments on residential and commercial buildings.

The aviation sector is expected to grow in the forecast period. Owing to the increase in investments of research and development of electrochromic smart glass, the electrochromic smart glass segment is expected to grow during the forecast period. As the number of manufacturing plants are increasing, it is expected to boost the market significantly during the forecast period. The major constraints in the production of electrochromic glasses are technical expertise and high cost of technology.


1. Electrochromic Glass By Materials :

– Transition Metal Oxide (TMO)
– Nanocrystal
– Viologen
– Polymer
– Reflective Hydride

2. Electrochromic Glass By Product :

– Windows
– Mirrors
– Displays
– Others

3. Electrochromic Glass By Application :

– Commercial
– Residential
– Transportation
– Others

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