Choose the best kennel manufacturer for pet housing solutions

If you are a dog owner or a dog breeder, your foremost priorities are food and housing for your furry friends. Dogs can be of different breeds, sizes, ages, nature or mood and they all have different requirements and preferences. While smaller dogs can be easily kept indoors, with restricted outdoors activity, it is all the more problematic for larger breeds. You can keep them in kennels, bought from the best kennel manufacturer and keep them outside in your lawn or backyard. This will also keep the dogs happy as they will not have to be confined within the small space of a room. There are cattery manufacturers too who design housing solutions for cats.


One thing that must be kept in mind while selecting a kennel or a cattery is the material used by the kennel manufacturer to make it. The kennels should be long lasting and made of a material that is tough and durable. Kennels for big dogs are often large and have to be kept outdoors. During harsh weather conditions, even if the dogs are shifted to a more comfortable place, the kennels are subjected to the changing temperature and other weather conditions. Catteries from a good cattery manufacturer too are made with materials that ensure that they need minimum maintenance.


Kennels and catteries made from galvanised steel and polypropylene plastics making them resistant to scratches and bites by the animals. The material is strong enough not to be affected by the constant clawing or chewing. It is strong enough not just against damage but also safeguards the animals within it from all outside harm. A good kennel manufacturer produces kennel systems that are easy to clean and thus provide a hygienic environment for your pets. This ensures that they fall sick less often and grow up to be healthier pets. Though many people opt for wooden kennels, plastic kennels or catteries are always a better choice as any cattery manufacturer would agree.


Plastic kennels and catteries, unlike timber ones, are not affected by rot or woodworm. They do not allow absorption and if kept clean, remain free from virus and bacteria that cause diseases. Unlike wooden kennels, plastic or galvanised kennels do not allow staining and smells can be easily removed. Cattery manufacturers make sure that there are no sharp edges that can cause the animal any harm. The edges and corners are suitably covered as a protective measure. The floor is lifted, so that cold temperature and moisture do not make your pet uncomfortable. Some kennel manufacturers also provide heating elements to keep the dogs comfortable in winter.


There are other additional items that a kennel manufacturer provides like sliding latches and bowl holders. You may even want to opt for a dog bed to keep your canine friends more comfortable. However, you must ensure that the kennel manufacturer you are buying your products from adheres to the prescribed standards implemented by the Institute of Environmental Health. You should always look for warranty on the product that you are buying. Contact a cattery manufacturer to discuss your specific needs and get a custom cattery made before opting for a readymade one.

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