Cattery systems and kennels for your new family member

Your newest family member has arrived home. Yes, your cute little pug or poodle or your fluffy little kitten. Why not give it a home coming gift? How about a full furnished house of its own? Good news is there is a wide range of dog kennels and cattery systems available not very far from you. The kennel manufacturer has made sure that you get the best available quality. Longevity and durability is all they call out for. The kennels come with a wide range of features like bowl-holders, solid base or legs suited to the requirements of the terrain, comfortable bedding and even in-built heating systems to fight cold weather.


There are a wide variety of kennels available such as external kennels, free-standing kennels, whelping boxes for puppies and so on. These are basically your pets’ own space. Easy access is ensured through a lift-up lid. The kennel manufacturer uses the best quality galvanised steel and polypropylene plastic to build kennels and cattery systems. These materials are specifically used to keep the structure easy to clean and maintain. Animals are prone to chewing everything that comes their way. The galvanised steel makes the kennel stronger and helps prevent any such damage, making them last longer. Even housing a number of dogs together is not a problem, courtesy the easily available wired crates.


The kennel manufacturers mostly have the building materials tested according to the accepted standards before starting fabrication. The cattery systems made thus ensure complete safety and comfort for your pet cat. The kennel and cattery manufacturers also provide other services such as boarding kennel. Now you do not need to worry about your beloved friend when you go on long vacations. You can simply keep your pet at a boarding system to ensure that your pets are taken good care of. Portable kennel systems are known for their light weight. These are durable being rot, stain and rust proof.


You will get a wide variety of accessories from a reputed kennel manufacturer. You can add colourful food bowls, cosy bedding and pet toys to the dog house or cattery system. Galvanised steel made with plastic filling keep the structure rust proof. Kennels come in various sizes and can easily accommodate your pet – any breed any size. The winter can now no longer affect the health and mood of your pet, thanks to kennel heating systems available. The heating system works best to create an ambience that your pet will be comfortable in. It is easy to install and can be deactivated when not in use. The heating systems are weatherproof, so a little rain or snowfall would not affect it.


Certain other accessories such as sliding hatches, easy-to-clean floor trays can all be yours when you plan to buy a kennel or cattery system. Some wired dog kennels can be collapsed and stored away when not in use. They occupy minimum space and are preferred for their portability factor. Thankfully, all these are not taxing on your pockets. When you want to keep your pet happy in its own home, seek the assistance of a kennel manufacturer who can be your helping hand.

When you want to buy your pet a home, consult a reliable kennel manufacturer. Buy well-made cattery systems and kennels from a reputed source