The quite simply mad. A single costume costs a lot more Daum Cash Account

These prices, are quite simply mad. A single costume costs a lot more than the cheapest copy of the game. I get that Daum should keep the servers jogging, and to pay regarding additional development, but as Guild Wars 2 and the Elder Scrolls Online have proven, if you make a superb game, people will support that. I was intending in purchasing several costumes for my main and some for my alts as time passes (I like costumes, damn you Guild Conflicts 2), but at these prices, I’ll collect my Conqueror’s edition costume and pass around the others.

Also, while I appreciate the point that you can unlock more inventory slots via questing as well as the Miles shop, they will sell extra inventory space by asking $1 per slot which has a discount if purchasing X amount of slots (currently they are $1. 50 each with 8 dropping the cost to $1 per). Charging $2 for some sort of Daum Cash Account Partial skill reset? Almost $30 for the many weight limit increases? $5 for Lucky under garment? This isn’t Korea. No one is likely to pay that kind of money for these products. Correction, a few will, but you are likely to drive off a huge portion of the player base in the act.

Although there has been no official update as to no matter whether we can expect any changes towards pricing in the cash shop in the near future, their Community Manager Jouska did have this to express:

“When it comes with a project as large in addition to complicated as launching a MMO there are many people involved and judgements require discussion. If you factor this in using the pre-existing workload and remember that multiple time zones may take place it becomes apparent why it requires time. Information is not used back arbitrarily, once we have the details for an announcement, the announcement will come in. ”

Black desert powerleveling from site

Black desert powerleveling from site

I sincerely hope which Daum gives us an update around the pricing before the pre-order interval ends, as I have heard from more than a few of you that the values in the cash go shopping are, to quote Jimmy McMillan, “Too Damn High”. I also fear that men and women will simply refuse to purchase items in the income shop, which could put the particular game’s future into question and maybe cause the introduction regarding actual Pay-2-Win items. Hopefully Daum will have the message.