3 ability to choose the style dresses evening

As the protagonist of the wedding, the bridal gowns for the hearing granted to become the most attention. After small selection of share style wedding dress, guaranteed to make you a crowd of more dazzling breathtaking beauty.

First nirvana style short dresses bride: oblique Goddess

Oblique shoulder design goddess, often seen on the big ceremony red carpet. If you have classical temperament and rich shoulder you can try the classic oblique evening dress. Tender body and Asians, the body can wear a short skirt oblique section. In fact, the band is more suitable to that of the pipe choice of thin thin Chinese people.
However, sloping shoulder relative to the general section, yet a style challenge to bear, the arm is too short of its full easy to admit, bespoke ceremony dresses, but also difficult to interpret to thin out around the goddess style.

wedding dress styles

The second nirvana style wedding dress: a high-profile sequins

complex and beautiful cut, colored bead jewelry, beautiful rim, are the necessary details dress evening undefeated.

If you want a little ‘low-key inside, and must also be within the heel, chiffon, chiffon looming between the hidden dazzling sequins, suddenly released high-profile show it. So, even if you do not have the blinding light of pigeon eggs, at least a shiny evening dress can be saved for the scene.

Bridal gown image

The third nirvana style wedding dress: Universal time

Exaggerated lightning fold fabric + avant-garde design, has shaped the contours of a fashion sense. The wonderful local folk, its decorative effect, even if not wearing a piece of jewelry, it is still elegant luxury, not significant shabby.

Folds is a universal design, either thin or too fat, it can be a good modification effect. If the circle is not full, you can fold intensive small, to create stunning visual effects; if life slightly chubby and abdomen, the slope of the folds can be modified kidney-shaped, and increase the slender sense.

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