The Undeniable Role Of An Employment Law Solicitor


This entire article scrutinizes the role played by an employment law solicitor, the type of work he handles and the situations under which he is required.

•    History

Following the onset of the industrial revolution in the 19th century, employment law was brought on board to address the disputes that existed between laborers in factories and their employers. The disputes rose mainly because laborers were required to work longer in response to the rise in industrialism. Due to the failure of the then existent laws to resolve these disputes, there was every need to introduce new laws to address the interests of workers and save them from exploitation. Following the introduction of these new laws, employment law solicitors were required for the purpose of fighting for both employees and employers each time such cases are taken to the courts of law.

•    Who is an Employment Law Solicitor?

An employment law solicitor is a professional in the legal field who is trained to handle all kinds of issues pertaining to the legal rights for workers as well as their employers.

•    What Does an Employment Law Solicitor Do?

Basically, a solicitor who specializes in solving employment-related cases will be required to deal with one or all of the following cases:

•    Employment contracts: According to employment laws, the rights of workers and their respective obligations should be clearly outlined in the contract. The contract should include all the details of the duties that each worker will be required to handle, the wages, holiday eligibility and the time frame of notice.

•    Company policies: It is the responsibility of companies to make sure the disability policies are updated and they meet the legal requirements. Discrimination against workers or job applicants on the basis of a policy that is poorly written or is out of date may be devastating to the company involved.

•    Staff handbooks: The need to update staff handbooks cannot be overstressed since technology and working practices always change. In some cases, the roles of workers within a company may also change. Employment law solicitors facilitate the legalization of all the staff documents.

•    Safety and health: Every modern employer is faced with the challenge of meeting the health and safety requirements of their working environment. As a matter of fact, this is the most challenging and the most daunting task of every employer. The law requires employers to make sure their employees are operating within a healthy and safe environment. If this condition is not met, legal action against the company may be taken by employees aided by the special skills of an employment law solicitor.

•    Discrimination: Whenever cases involving discrimination arise on various grounds, such as age, gender, disability and race, a solicitor is often called to solve all issues.


Matters related to employment can prove to be complicated. But, the law grants both employees and employers a lot of rights. No matter whether you are an employee or an employer, your rights must be up-to-date as well as legal.

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