Modified Starch Market- safety of using wheat starch continues to be a debate.

Prime driver of the overall revenue generation of the Modified Starch Market is noted to the high demand for starchy foods and modified food starch. Demand for modified food starch ingredients is not expected to fall anytime soon, according to IndustryARC analyst’s team. Overall demand for food starch modified & native foods containing starch continues to grow.

Application wise, the major application of this market is noted in food & beverage segment where huge quantities are used on daily basis all over the globe. Modified starch imparts different functions such as thickening, binding, stabilizing, emulsifying and others across industries such as food, pharma, cosmetics, and so on.

Quick Review of the Market:

  • The overall native starch industry is noted to be growing immensely with rising number of modified starch manufacturers & modified starch suppliers.
  • Among all the starch manufacturers, potato starch manufacturers are accounted to creating a notable difference to the overall economy.
  • Potential product types are noted to be- modified corn starch, modified tapioca starch, modified maize starch, modified potato starch & modified wheat starch.
  • Notable sales of rice starch, maize starch, potato starch & wheat starch products noted.
  • Modified food starch products clearly, no doubt higher in demand than native food starch.
  • Quality demand for cationic starch to improve end paper strength.

While safety of using wheat starch continues to be a debate, popularity of certified gluten-free wheat starch is parallelly growing. Also, on the other hand, tapioca starch is gaining prominence owing to its naturally gluten-free nature and purer form.

Geographical Brief on Modified Starch Market:

Americas and APAC are the major regions for the modified starch market. There is scope for potential growth in RoW region.  In Americas, U.S., Mexico and Canada are the major countries in modified starch market. The high demand is for corn starch from the food and beverage market. The growing awareness regarding modified starches is the major driver for the growth in Americas.

Segmentation of Modified Starch Market:

IndustryARC segments Modified Starch Market into 4 broad types with narrower types under each. All included in detail in this research report by the expert team.

  1. By Applications: Cosmetics and Others
  2. By Raw Material: Corn, Tapioca, Potato, Wheat and Others
  3. By Function: Thickening, Stabilizing, Emulsifying, Binding and Others
  4. By Geography: Americas, Europe, APAC and ROW.

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Top Key Vendors of Modified Starch Market:

Modified Starch Market report by IndustryARC includes more than 40 players with in depth analysis of each of them with respect to various business factors. Few of them being:

  • AVEBE U.A.
  • Cargill Inc.
  • EMSLAND – Starke GMBH
  • AGRANA Group

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