How to determine if a loft is suitable for conversion in County Armagh

Loft conversion County Armagh is one of the most convenient and straightforward ways of acquiring some extra space for a home. While doing so, the electrical systems may need to be reshuffled a little bit. So, it’s important for householders to find electricians County Armagh who can safely work in a home within the legally required level of standards.
Almost every house can gain a lot from this type of extension simply with a good planning. To make the plan a success, there are plenty of things that need to be looked at while planning a conversion project.
The first approach is carrying out a conversion assessment. One of the features that act as a determinant in the suitability of converting the roof space is the availability of enough height. Other determinants include the type of pitch and structure, and the presence of obstacles, such as chimney stacks or water tanks. This requires inspecting the roof space so as to reveal its physical dimensions and structure.
While measuring the loft’s height, measurement from the ceiling joist’s top to the ridge timber’s bottom is taken. The part of the roof that is usable should at least be 2.2m. For the pitch angle, the higher it is, the higher the central head height would be. In case dormers are used then the floor area will be increased.
There are basically two categories of structures used for loft conversion County Armagh; truss section and traditional framed. Traditional framed structures are typical on houses that were built in the 1960s. In these houses, the ceiling joists, rafters and supporting timber are cut into appropriate sizes and assembled. The resulting structure has lots of structural input and is often the most suitable for conversion.
The post 1960s houses are the most popular and have truss roof sections that were made in factories. They make a house’s roof felted and erected, making it convenient for the builders. However, this truss type implies that there is an absence of load-bearing structures underneath. Hence, opening up the space that needs more structural input. The additional structural inputs need knowledge, skills and equipment that limit the scope of DIY. Thus, it is much advisable to seek assistance from conversion specialists in Armagh.
If the first roof inspection identifies a head height that is lower than 2.2m, the first solution would be raising the roof. It may involve removal of a part or the whole existing roof and rebuilding to give the structure the required height. This approach is feasible, though the main problems are getting approval and the high costs involved. The second solution to a low head height is lowering the ceiling of the room below. Some rooms have high ceilings more than 3m. This approach is quite involving as well and the use of any DIY approach is limited, hence seeking professional conversion services will be necessary. Removal of the ceiling would also mean that the electrical plan of the room below must be altered; hence, seeking the services of experienced electricians County Armagh will also be very necessary.

Loft conversion County Armagh often delivers a nice approach to acquiring more space when done by professional conversion experts. Additionally, altering the existing electricity systems and establishing new ones are involved here. Hence, electricians County Armagh are necessary in every loft conversion project.