Bio Enzymes Market – Global Industry Analysis, Forecast 2012 – 2018

Bio EnzymesEnzymes are biological molecules which are responsible for sustenance of life. They are catalysts that carry out metabolic functions within the body from digestion of food to synthesis of DNA. Bio enzymes can be termed as enzymes extracted from plants which are used by the body to replenish any deficiency. There are various types of enzyme technology used in the food industry to improve the quality of the product. There are various applications of bio enzymes, used in various food products, industrial enzymes, and enzymes used in non-food products. There has been a tremendous increase in the demand for bio enzymes since they are easily degradable and can replace many of the harsh chemicals which are used in many processes and applications.

The global market for bio enzymes is experiencing a steady growth over the last few years due the rise in population and increased awareness amongst the population. Some of the major factors propelling the growth of bio enzymes are that they are easily degradable and eco-friendly. Geographically, North America has the largest market share followed by Europe due to the increased awareness and stringent environmental regulatory policies. Developing economies like China, India, and Russia are experiencing steady growth and the growth is expected to increase substantially in the next six years, the main reason being the ever-increasing population in these economies and constant technological advancement.

With bio enzymes being used in variety of applications, the industry is expected to grow with constant up-gradation and new applications that are likely to benefit many other related areas by further reducing environmental damage, encouraging lower costs, and reduction the energy consumption. Also, the current chemicals being used in the food processing industry are likely to be replaced by bio enzymes as they are cleaner and are not as harmful to the human body. Hence, the market is expected to grow at an exponential rate for the next six years.

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Some of the major companies manufacturing bio enzyme products are Biocatalysts, Ltd., Enzyme Solutions Incorporated, Aum Enzymes, and BBI Enzymes.