I left a review on Trust Pilot about a Company I had poor experience with. Now I have used trust pilot previous on a few occasion but this really took the piss. []
This company provided me poor service and items and the customer service was rubbish. So I put them down as one star. The company went crying to Trust Pilot emailed me asking me for my personal information and verification the item I have paid. I refused as this is not something I was comfortable with, Trust Pilot was choosing to ignore real customer feedback and reviews. Trust Pilot then archived my review so no other public members can See this review. The review is as below:
Archived Review

Published 30 June 2016
Rec’d Leaflets damaged, missing and box was torn
I rec’d 5000 A6 leaflets and the box rec’d was torn even the DPD complained saying “Hello print don’t understand paper weight increases and aducate packaging would be helpful” and laughed it off. I called Hello Print and they wanted proof and that I need to send in pictures of the box. So I emailed the images. I rec’d a reply saying they want images of the inside of the boxes too. So now Hello Print are calling me a lair and not believing anything I am saying. I thought customers should be at the fore front of customer experience. Might as well go back to vista or moo printing. It seems you can’t get good customer service anywhere else.

Now I have sent this review to all my friends all over the social network and press. I want everyone to know TRUSTPILOT is NOT a company that respects personal information and is a biased company towards the companies who pay to use their services. TrustPilot is not to be used to judge a company’s profile or reviews as it seems all there reviews are contrasted artificially and not genie. Like myself they have taken of my review for the sake of the company This is a true reflection of TrustPilots and HelloPrint as they both are manipulating the reviews and star ratings.