Few Tips and Guidelines In Relation to Narrow Lot Homes in Sydney

Growing urban density, soaring property costs and the need for staying close to the work-place all have combined to create the rising demand for narrow lot homes in Sydney. These types of houses can actually make you feel good and comfortable by giving you a feel of staying in a spacious accommodation in the middle of a cosmopolitan city, Sydney. Their single story floor plans make these kinds of accommodations cosy and uncluttered.

Besides, vertical designs are also available and are also quite popular in today’s market. The plans and designs of these houses are mostly done by the architects who have specialised in these kinds of house-planning. So, find one for yourself too if you are looking forward to narrow lot house plans.

Few tips and guidelines in relation to these houses are listed below:

  1. Either add a sunroom or opt for a covered patio – By adding a covered outdoor area, your hired architect will enhance the ambience of the interior without exceeding the limited boundaries of the property. A sunroom or a patio will instantly make the house lively and full of life, so definitely ask your professional to consider this idea.
  2. Vertical designs are an instant hit – With the exponential growth of human beings on this planet Earth, smart architects need to devise ways to accommodate such huge number of people. When talking about ways, skyscrapers are the best way to combine comfortable living style with such soaring rise in global population. Nowadays, to cure space problems, designers and engineers prefer to design homes on multiple floors or stories. For example, a designer who is planning to design a narrow lot may include two floors, like one garage and a den on the ground floor and a spacious bedroom, kitchen area and a large living area on the floor above, thus giving rise to the concept of multi-storeyed houses. The main door may be located in the ground floor, from the side of den and then a spiral staircase will take you to the first floor.
  3. The position of garage matter a lot – While designing big and beautiful houses, garage plays a major spoilsport. They are basically huge and enormous. They suck a huge area if it’s not located wisely. In narrow lot homes in Sydney, garages don’t pose many problems as there are floors above in which families live. However, in case of normal single story floor plans, garages are planned carefully. You and your professional can construct it in the backside or may opt for a detached garage constructed at a certain angle.
  4. Try to construct interior windows – Is your kitchen looking compact and cluttered then you just need to implement the style of open kitchen. Just make an opening in the kitchen wall so that air can freely pass around.

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