memreas Launches Unique Social Media Commerce Platform

memreas llc, a New York based startup has recently announced the
launch of its unique social media commerce platform, memreas (pronounced – m e m r i: z).
memreas goal is to offer Digital Media Authors (aka artists) increased copyright protection and
monetization options for a greater degree of profitability and control while providing a wide array
of features to appeal to a much broader audience. With a stunning 75% payout within memreas
marketplace artists garner the “Lion’s share” of revenue. memreas alsohas specific terms against
obscene media, does not track, spam, or share customer information.
memreas is live on Google Play, iTunes, and the Web.
Expressing his satisfaction regarding the launch, John Meah, the Founder of the company stated
“I’m excited to be part of a product that provides artists with increased copyright protection and
ownership control of their media. It’s a great way to add protection and choose how you
monetize.” The platform has a rich feature set and, notably, allows artists to record, share, and
monetize their media. The owner can sell it within memreas’ media marketplace with app store
style payouts of 75% or choose another platform. memreas empowers content providers to have
greater control over copyright, pricing, profitability, and ownership rights of their media.
memreas is more than a commerce platform, though, with a rich and unique feature set:
* Device/Cloud Gallery: memreas lets you view media on your device as well as media you have sync’d
from other devices. Playback for video has standard 4k support and streaming HLS for cloud media.
* Sync Media: memreas lets you sync media to the cloud so you can transfer media across devices
from Android to iOS to Web, and vice versa, with ease. It’s a great way to manage your device
* Download or Stream Video with 4k support – memreas allows you to download media that has been
shared with you in private shares. It’s a great way to share or download photos and videos your
friends or family take for an event of ongoing (i.e. create a share with a friend or spouse for ongoing
* Custom Camera with Copyright Capability (Wi-Fi works best): memreas provides an instant copyright
capability with our Patents Pending camera feature that provides you with an email receipt of your
media’s copyright information.
* Media Marketplace: You can record media on Android or iOS, create a public share using the web,
and set a price so you’re paid per view! memreas pays 75% of the price you set with prices ranging
from a nickel to five dollars. Note: buying and selling is a web specific feature given Google Play and
iTunes existing store policies.
* End to End Encryption: memreas is built with an Amazon Web Services infrastructure and has
integrated encryption end to end. Your data and media are encrypted with Amazon’s encryption
technology and connections are secured by https.
* No Tracking, No Spam, Privacy Standard: memreas doesn’t track you, send you unwanted emails, or
share your information with external entities.
* Create Private or Public Shares (aka memreas): You choose who you want to share your media
with. You can create a private share and invite friends or you can create a public share that you can,
optionally, sell.
* Search @person, #hashtag, !memreas: memreas provides three search capabilities – the ability to
search for @person, #hashtag, and !memreas which lets you search for shares (public and private).
* Media Location with Update Capability: memreas lets you add location to your cloud media if your
media is missing this information. memreas will store the information but won’t alter your media,
letting you see map locations with Google maps.
* Notifications for friends, events, media, and comments: memreas provides typical notifications on
Android, iOS, and Web.
* Audio comments provide a more intimate way to share what you want to say.
* Invites for shares can be sent via Email and SMS.
The company believes the future of the app lies with artists by protecting ownership rights and
enhancing their monetization options. John was enthusiastic about the future of the app. He
said, “I believe in this product because it’s artist focused and hope it finds its audience. These
features are needed in the market as digital media grows exponentially. Providing artists with
more protection and options than exist today is not an option it’s our standard.” The future for
memreas seems bright as the platform has unique features along with typical features offered
by social media platforms, offering something for everyone.
memreas was created by the efforts of a global team of developers who worked through
numerous hurdles to build memreas. The team continues to evolve the platform and looks
forward to future growth.
About memreas llc: Based in New York, memreas is an internet startup that specializes in social
media by focusing on providing artists with a higher degree of copyright protection, ownership
rights, and pioneering a new market with social media commerce.