Single Story Floor Plans: Considerations to Take

Building a new hosue is a dream come true for so many. It is probably one of the most exciting and wonderful things in one’s life. But it can be a little stressful too for obvious reasons. Careful considerations should be taken of the single story floor plans. When doing that the most important part to consider is the family size, habits and lifetsyle. While it may not be possible for you to make single story house plans in NSW you should start looking for an architect as soon as possible.

The size of the family is the most essential indicator of how much should be the square feet of your living area. Not only that it will decide the number of bedrooms and bathrooms alongside the size of the common area. A small house floor plan would be ideal for a single person or may a couple who has just started their family. The same plan would be good for a retired person too who is downsizing after his child has left his home.

The single story floor plans has different popular styles. Of all the ranch style plan is the most popular one. It has low pitched gable roof, narrow outlet and deep eaves. A ranch can be U-shaped, L-shaped or rectangular. Some ranches come with amenitis like sliding glass doors and picture windows. Generally, these types of houses are made from materials like brick exterior and wood floors. On the other a larger family will need more square feet and wider living areas. If you have a huge family to supprort and wondering which type of floor plan would be suitable for you, then you should immeditely speak to an architect.

Aside, lifestyle is a crucial aspect to consider. So, must ask some good questions to yourself before you commit to an architect about your house plan;

  • Where will be your new home?
  • How many different types of activities is likely to take place in your new house?
  • What kind of amenities is your family expecting to enjoy in your new house?

Finding answers to these questions will let you filter through the differnt house floor plans availble and will assist you in taking the right decision for you and your family.

Additionally, your family habits need to come into play during the construction of your house.  If you have kids then you will need separate areas for them to play or do their homework or simply hang out with friends. In that case spacious single story house plans in NSW might suit the bill nicely. You can add a separate room for them in the the basement or just beside the drawing room. Whatever your and your family’s requirements are make sure that the end result should cater to all of that.

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