Homeowners given the solution to flooding misery

As the UK battles with an inclement start to the summer season and unpredictable flash flooding that can seem to strike at anytime throughout the UK, a simple solution can make all the difference to protecting your property. Flooding is becoming one of the most common hazards in the UK and across Europe with one in six properties now at risk.

It is now estimated that the annual cost of flooding in the UK is in excess of £1billion. A remarkable product sourced from the United States by Dorset business man, Mark McClafferty, is set to give the property owner, for the first time, added flood defence security.

The ‘Sandless Sandbag’ and the ‘Flood Barrier’ provide an effective and easy to use flood control barrier that can be deployed by simply throwing them on the ground. These sandbag sized sacks weigh less than 0.5 lb but will absorb up to 4 gallons of fresh water, swelling up to 30 lbs in minutes to create a water tight flood defence barrier. The ‘Sandless Sandbag’ and ‘Flood Barrier’ are lightweight, flat-packed for storage, re-usable, non toxic and bio-degradable.

Mark McClafferty says:

‘The Government are arguably incorrect in that they have identified areas at risk and monitor them very well, but the funding available is for big infrastructure projects to raise bridges, banks, roads and water diversion schemes. We feel the homeowner is not catered for, so we at Quick Flood Solutions Ltd are committed to providing a simple solution that has been proven to be highly successful in the United States.

These products are simple to use and cheap to buy but are effective in that they ‘do what they say on the tin’, and could save each property owner thousands of pounds in damages and consequently protect your insurance claims against flood damage.’ Flood Re is the government supported national flood re-insurance scheme that provides insurance for those property owners that are located in what has been determined to be a highrisk flood zone.

Quick Flood Solutions Ltd are in talks with the major high street retailers, Agencies and home insurers at this time, so you can be confident of having these products made widely available to you before this year’s winter storms arrive.

Mark says,

‘It is vital that we start a dialogue with The Environment Agency and the County Councils so that we can play our part in defending the ‘at flood risk’ homes and businesses helping to give those property owners some much needed peace of mind in the process.’

For more information: Contact Mark McClafferty on 0800 046 1860

Visit: http://www.quickfloodsolutions.com/

To assess your own risk of flooding go to: http://apps.environmentagency.gov.uk/flood/31618.aspx