Astec INC Announces for Stainless Steel Sheets with 12 Different Grades

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The Leading Suppliers, Distributor and Stockholders of Stainless Steel in Mumbai India.

Astec INC the leading suppliers, manufacture, exporter and stockholders of stainless steel in Mumbai, India has now announces for 12 different grades in steel sheets. The company now holding a compressive stock of 200 300 400 series stainless steel sheets, plates and coils of following grades.
200 Series SS Sheets, Plates & Coils

202 SS
300 Series SS Sheets, Plates & Coils

304/304L SS
308 SS
309 SS
310 SS
316/316L/316Ti SS
317L SS
321/321H SS
347H SS
400 Series SS Sheets, Plates & Coils
410 SS
420 SS
430 SS

About 200 Series

The series of 200 SS Sheets are of two types 201 & 202. It’s an austenite series which has low Nickel content due to which it is cheaper than 300 series. This series suffer from low formability compared to 300, this can be improved with addition of copper.

About 300 Series

The 300 Series are austenitic and can be harden by cold working method. As their major alloying elements these grades s have chromium around. 18 to 30% and nickel around 6 to 20%. The series can be survive in high temperature and are corrosion resistance. Widely used in aerospace, construction and automotive industries.

About 400 Series

This group includes both ferritic as well as martensitic steels. 400 series have high amount of carbon which gives it a martensitic crystalline structure result in high strength and free resistance. 400 series Ferritic steels are non-hardening hence they are suitable for applications requiring high temperatures.

About Astec INC Company

Astec INC stainless steel merchants in Mumbai the company since 1998 and reliable stainless steel sheets/plates delivering best products and services to diverse sector of industries worldwide. Astec INC is also the proud member of various renowned agencies like chamber of commerce including MASSMA, EEPC, FICCI, FIEO, and INDIAN MERCHANTS CHAMBER etc. Holding large stocks of SS Plates, SS Coils & SS Strips with extensive product line up, and supplying or exporting all major grades of SS sheets/plates/coils.
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