Wine Cellars of Houston Releases Wall-Mounted Wine Racks for Hospitality Services

Wine Cellars of Houston delights its esteemed clientele once again with the big release of wall-mounted racks. This company has long been in business and has kept up to its good name by partnering as the storage designer and manufacturer of many highly respected restaurants in the Greater Houston and surrounding area. The legacy of working appropriately as per client’s instruction is hard earned for this company. After all these years of positive reviews and testimonials expressing complete gratitude from all their respected clients, it is hard to believe that the latest release from the house of Wine Cellars of Houston will disappoint the hospitality industry.

The release of the wall-mount wine rack features was long awaited by aesthetically inclined interior designers who are in charge of the décor in Houston’s hospitality business, because the management of space cannot favored as well by floor installations. Here are the exclusive advantages of having a wall-mount rack for keeping the wines:

  • It will free the floor space and reduce the degree of stuffiness
  • Strategic designs for wall mounts will allow proper air passage favoring proper preservation of the liquor
  • The risk of accidental breakage would be successfully reduced as the walls will be free of the commotion the floor is likely to have

Convenient Pricing

This luxury wine storage designing and manufacturing company also boasts of the most competitive prices in the market. There have been no reports of complaints against its price policy as yet.

Quality Timbre and Wrought Iron

They promise to deliver the best with sturdy and visually appealing quality timbres like mahogany and teak which is to be inlayed with attractive wrought iron features.

To conclude, Wine Cellars of Houston assures all its clients of prolonged assistance regarding the maintenance of furniture for wine cellars produced from their house.

About Company: Wine Cellars of Houston is one of the most renowned companies which provide luxuriously styled furniture for preserving wines in bottles. Wrought iron racks, decorative doors ane etched glasses are some of the items available.