Rapid Growth of Automotive Industry is Expected to Positively Effect the Microcontroller Market

Intel_8742_153056995Microcontrollers or MCUs are application specific integrated circuits that are embedded inside the device they control; hence they can also be referred to as embedded controllers. They consist of a processor, memory as well as peripherals. Growing demand for automotives is expected to be the strongest driving force for the industry. An average automotive requires a considerable number of microcontrollers for functioning effectively. In addition, new features such as keyless entry and GPS also require MCUs embedded with their support circuits.

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There are a large number of players in the industry with a wide portfolio of products. Due to intense competition, the average prices of MCUs are expected to decline over the forecast period. While this is expected to result in surging demand, it is also expected to lower entry barriers to the industry.

Since microcontrollers are embedded inside devices which depend on user interaction and require real-time control, increasing popularity of touch sensing technology is also expected to contribute to market growth. With the advent of smartphones, tablets, and phablets, touchscreens are garnering a large user-base. In addition, consumer electronics such as microwave ovens, washing machines, and television sets among others heavily depend on microcontrollers for their operation. These factors are expected to further the global market in the near future.

The value chain for microcontrollers primarily involves suppliers and OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), which are responsible for manufacturing target devices for microcontrollers. These gadgets are used for applications such as communications, healthcare, and automotive among others.

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The global microcontrollers market has been segmented on the basis of product type and application. Asia Pacific is expected to be the market leader in terms of volume as well as revenue. Key players in the market include Infineon Technologies, Renesas Electronics Corporation, Freescale Semiconductor, Inc., Atmel Corporation, and Texas Instruments among others.