PureVPN Mac App Overhauled, Comes Equipped with Improvements and Interesting New Features

June 17, 2016, Hong Kong – PureVPN – the VPN Company that has been operational for nine years now – is widely known to not only meet customer expectations but exceed them at the same time. The company`s consistent success across all major platforms proves that internet users agree with its revolutionary vision of complete online protection for all internet users.

The company recently launched an updated version of its Mac VPN app into account and had already garnered rave reviews from Mac users. The reason might be because the update is not a port, but an independent app that was specifically designed for the Mac platform in the first place, with the intention to be highly optimized.

PureVPN Mac App is the Way to Go

PureVPN`s updated Mac app includes features like keyboard shortcuts, tips, custom maps, smart search functionality, modes, optimized server lists, PPTP, L2TP, IPv6 protection, OpenVPN protocols and dedicated IPs. Moreover, the app is constantly kept in check and is updated quite regularly. The latest version of the app, 5.3.0, too comes with several new features, which include but are not limited to:

– SSTP Protocol
– Feedback
– Multilingual Support
– UI Improvements

How Does the Mac VPN App Help?

The VPN client for Mac has been created keeping ease of use in mind. Not only does it ensure online protection against almost every type of cyber threat by virtue of encryption, but the whole process of encrypting one`s internet traffic is a simple one-click operation. However, at the same time it offers more than enough tools and features for those who wish to have more control and customization options. The app is on its path to perfection, as it is constantly being updated thus guaranteeing that users will not be left to fend for themselves when faced with a problem.

About PureVPN

PureVPN is a premium brand and has numerous servers across the globe. The company emphasizes on ensuring that its target audience enjoys online security and anonymity, that too without compromising on quality. To be more precise, PureVPN specifically caters to those individuals and businesses that wish to protect themselves from data-sniffers, hackers, IP leaks and unauthorized monitoring and so on.

To learn more about PureVPN and its services, feel free to visit PureVPN website.