NOC service and NOC Help Desk not the same

NOC services that are provided to a company are sometimes mistaken to be same as that of an NOC help desk which is actually not true. A company that assists other companies with their NOC services may or may not be able to provide them with an NOC Help Desk.  But people often have very less understanding about the difference in the services that are provided by an NOC and NOC Help Desk. Hiring or outsourcing your company’s network to another NOC company is not to be done without having proper prior knowledge of what the company is expecting from the NOC services. Getting a clear picture of the difference between the two is quite necessary for the company for figuring out the results of the services.

Creating a fine line of distinction between NOC services and an NOC help Desk are many differences. The most distinguishing factor is the interface and method that the customer uses for interaction. There are many network problems that are faced by companies and can be solved by mere telephonic conversations with the help desk. The NOC help desk keeps its main focus on the role of customer facing while a good NOC service provider has to incorporate into its functioning the two very important factors of pro active monitoring services and alert remediation. With an NOC being employed by your company, the backend processes of your company can function smoothly without any disturbances form the maintenance process going on in the background. At ConcoradantOne Tech, we aim to provide the best services without creating any disruptions in your company’s already ongoing processes; all we aim to do is to enhance your management systems while keeping the base line of the systems functioning similar to the previous one. This ensures minimal disturbances in the systems databases and hence your employees need not adjust themselves to the new norms and functionalities. All the company’s functioning is exactly the same but with a bit more accuracy and ease.

What is NOC and how does it function?

An NOC is a place that need not be located at the place of your company’s office or the destination of the client. The NOC while being positioned far off from your exact location monitors and fixes all the issues in your servers regarding the IT field that may have occurred at the users end. These NOC service centers are well equipped with the most advanced and modern IT tools and technology and hence will never let your company face any set back due to IT related issues. The NOC works like a protective guard to your systems networks and the network devices as well. AT ConcordantOne Tech we make it a point to see that each of our clients is given the best possible IT assistance and full-fledged maintenance is being done for all their systems and network devices. Our IT professionals are constantly on their feet to monitor your systems health.