Choose the right dress cocktail to look like a dream in the evening

The maxi dresses for women is a basic to have in his dressing room. Wedding, anniversary, painting, fine dining …

opportunities abound to wear a dress suit. Be more vigilant when investing: choose this dress according

to your body type. They are some pitfalls to avoid, and some features are preferred to ensure a flawless

look to your social events.

You have a rectangular shape
The size is not marked, the shoulders and hips almost exactly the same width. Your goal is to capture

femininity by choosing a dress that creates volumes. Opt for a dress that highlights the chest with a

beautiful neckline. Feel free to choose a women maxi dresses with a skirt that is large or provides cutting bending effects

folds. The goal is to make the contrast between the shoulders and hips.

You have an hourglass figure
The size is marked, hips and breasts are round. You have a silhouette to Monica Bellucci. For you, the

dress should be the means of bringing the resources, especially your little life. Do not hesitate to rely on a

tight dress. The wrap-dress is perfect for you: highlight the slender waist and flared hips. We must at all

costs that avoids the pinafore dress cut too straight type of clothes that you can not grow because Show

thin enough life.

Have a shape of a pyramid
You are wider in the lower part of the upper part blue cocktail dresses. Like many women, hips, buttocks

and thighs I am voluptuous while the shoulders and chest are minor. It should run on a balance between

high and low for your look is perfect. Clear the bottom, highlight the top: this is the magic bullet. Opt for

a dress close to the chest but wide at the bottom. you can also allow a beautiful square neckline, puff

sleeves, a crew neck collar … Anything that catches your eye on the upper part of your body is worth.
You have a round shape

Around everywhere: shoulders, chest, hips, thighs … They are meaty and you hire there. It should reveal

your strengths Choose clothing that does not rot, a natural material that is large and does not stick out

forms. Fluid tunic dress can be very pretty on you. You may even dare Saharan dress with belted waist

slightly. Tip: Take a high waist panty girdle which widen to life to make you more sexy in a dress with belt.

I do not think necessarily black and united. If you opt for a cut that is sublime you can fall for patterns

and bright colors.
blue cocktail dresses

you’re petite
it is essential to focus on the legs. Choose a dress that you wear with heeled and platform shoes. Eva

Longoria or as Kylie Minogue, play your little one for you very sexy clothes. You can afford the shorter

clothes, so enjoy!
You are a great

When is large, you can try the long maxi dresses princess street clothes or gala. Playing the stars on the

red carpet in a sleeve that comes down to the ankles. While long dresses tend to pack smaller shapes,

which embellish the large and bring their crazy class!

You are very thin
It would be more curves but nature has given to you: you have a body twig. Take the opportunity to dare

blue cocktail dresses. Miniskirt tulle Tutu, feathers, ruffles, volumes so … The idea is to provide maximum

relief to your silhouette. If you prefer to play the card of discretion, choose an outfit right of the years’ 60.

The most legendary of twigs.