Amusing Adult Online Shopping Trends in India – That’s Personal

According to a survey conducted by online media houses, the market size of adult products in the world is estimated at Rs 1,05,000 crore, growing at an annual rate of 30% and the East, including India has seen an alarming growth last year

Adult sexual products industry is flourishing in India, attracting a huge customer base worth billions of rupees. The ‘Indian Adult Products’ market in 2015 is pegged at Rs.2,500 crore and will be worth a whopping Rs. 10,000 Crores in 2020, predicts a survey by a leading publication

Here are the trends and usage patterns of adult products in India revealed by Thats Personal:

Interesting Adult Online Trends in India:

1) 10% Indians buy women’s hygiene and arousal products.

2) 13$ buy adult products for edible fun.

3) 17% buy male performance products.

4) 20% people in India buy lubricants.

5) 15% buy sexy lingerie.

6) 12% buy condoms in India

7) 8% buy men’s innerwear.

8) 5% of Indians buy pleasure rings.

If we segregate this information according to Indian states:

1) Gujarat has 17% of the total adult game sales

2) Goa has 14% of nation’s total purchase of massage oil

3) Bihar has 23% of all purchases of Male Performance Products

4) Kerala has 76% condom orders as one of the products purchased.

Uncovering *** in the cities:

1) Hyderabad men are really into naughty mens underwear

2) Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Ajmer women love sexy lingerie like Chemises, Corsets and Role-Playing Costumes.

3) Baroda and Pune are the hostel cities that have more female buyers than male buyers.

4) Men from Puri invest largely in women’s arousal creams.