Vertical Farming Market: gaining prevalence from hobbyists for indoor farming in cities.

Vertical farming or vertical agriculture is the modern solution of controlled-environment agriculture. Vertical Farming is the practice of growing food in vertical stacked layers, vertically inclined surfaces or integrated in other structures. It is an emerging trend in urban agriculture. There is high scope of the Vertical Farming Market across the globe during 2016-2021.

Regional forecast of the Vertical Farming Market:

According to the IndustryARC marketing analysis report on the Vertical Farming Market in North America, the US is the biggest manufacture of these farms. Some ROW countries such as Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates are also lead manufacturers of vertical farming to have a man-made environment and conditions for crops.

Asia Pacific is a high potential region for the Vertical Farming Market. Due to developed and improved technologies in APAC countries such as Japan, China and South Korea, vertical farming has been enhanced to eradicate the problems of crops demand due to increase in population.

The main advantages of vertical farming is increased crop production, protection from weather-related problems, conservation of resources, organic crops, energy production, need of less area etc. with basic technological requirement of artificial lighting, climate control and fertigation and thus creating Vertical Farming Market scope.

Segmentation and key players in the Vertical Farming Market:

The Vertical Farming Market is segmented into various categories in the IndustryARC market analysis report by type, by technology, by component, by application and by geography.

  1. By type: Mixed-use skyscrapers, Despommier’s skyscrapers and Stackable shipping containers
  2. By technology: Hydroponics (Wick System, Water Culture, EBB and Flow (Flood and drain), Drip System, Nutrient Film Technique and others), Aeroponics (HPA (High Pressure Aeroponics), LPA (Low Pressure Aeroponics))
  3. By component: pumps, power adaptor, solar panel, LED lighting, anaerobic digester, wind turbines, suspension cables and others
  4. By application: agricultural sub system, aquacultural sub system, food processing sub system, waste management sub system and others
  5. By geography: North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific and ROW

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The key players in the Vertical Farming Market as mentioned in the IndustryARC market research report are as follows:

  • AeroFarm LLC. (U.S.)
  • Mirai Co. Ltd.(Japan)
  • SkyGreen Co. Ltd.(Singapore)
  • FarmedHere LLC.(U.S.)
  • Sharp Co.(Dubai)

The Vertical Farming Market is a growing market with high scope of adoption by urban regions across the globe. This market is profitable for investment and is expected to witness high growth in various countries during 2016-2021.

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