Sevenwholesale: A Brand New Aspect to Fashion!

“The best fashion show is definitely on the street. It always has been, and always will be.” –Bill Cunningham


Currently, there are a lot of different facets and aspects to fashion which as a whole would make it a more versatile and intriguing concept.  Conversely, it is the introduction of its more modern innovations and introductions that have made what fashion is today: a radical sphere teeming with innumerable possibilities for creativity. In the old days where the art of expression was stifled, fashion was incredibly limited. Although style can be manipulated to be flexible, women were almost always constrained to donning a skirt, short or jeans and wearing anything that was considered less than womanly or even girly would be frowned upon. On the hand men, men would almost always be limited to wearing either shorts or jeans. Distressed jeans, tattered crop tops, frayed dresses—these are apparel items that would not see the light of the day had fashion refused to progress and evolve into what it is today. Fortunately, the dark days of constricting and limited fashion are a thing of the past as today, it has become an integral part of one’s showcase of personality and style. Currently, there is a vast collection of styles in fashion that you can choose from: classic, sophisticated chic, vintage and even street fashion grunge. In fact, fashion has reached a point wherein one’s personality, taste and style can easily be discerned and inferred from one’s choice of clothes. It would seem in fact that in this modern century, fashion has evolved so much that it would very much cater to every single which would invariably include even the most critical and discriminating fashionista.

However, an array of styles can also be to your detriment as it would be a lot more difficult to know what is most appropriate for you. But experimenting with various fashion styles and trends is a good start. A good preliminary introduction to exploring the world of fashion would be to start with street fashion. Street fashion has seen a surge in popularity recently and seems to be the vast preference of young adults and fashion bloggers. It creates a new perspective on what would otherwise be regular street clothes by incorporating a bit of glam rock and urban style into ordinary apparel. Furthermore, street fashion is easily accessible in most shops, comfortable to wear and incredibly versatile to style.

To give street fashion a try or satiate your incessant penchant for it, Sevenwholesale should be on top of your list. Sevenwholesale is a clothing line that endeavors to purvey customers the very best options and picks when it comes to urban apparel. The shop also gives you the convenience of shopping without having to go to their actual store which means less the fuss and hassle. For the eternally busy millennial with a fashion fancy, this stress-free option is certainly a great alternative to shopping for clothes in a physical store. Sevenwholesale highlights some of the best urban street fashion apparel in their wide array of sartorial options. These collections even have their own respective brands which you can choose from. Popular brands would include widely recognized and  eminent figures such as celebrity designers and artists like Jay-Z, Sean John Combs, and Beyonce. Their collection includes a vast array of men’s wear, women’s wear, and dresses. For individuals with little tots, these designers have you covered as their collection includes a section dedicated to kids. Artful Dodger is another designer featured in Sevenwholesale which is a clothing line of urban and streetwear dedicate to men. These are just some of the brands you can find in Sevenwholesale. For a more detailed overview of the other options they offer, visit their website