How to Pass Your MOTs Cranbrook on the First Attempt


Do you know that about 50 percent of vans and 40 percent of cars fail their MOTs Cranbrook during the first attempt? This is as per information provided by the government body which supervises MOT testing, the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA). Most of these failures are attributed to poor choice of car garage Cranbrook, something you can deal with.


Almost half of all MOT failures could be prevented with a few simple trials before taking your car for testing. Most of the common MOT fails include checking condition of tyres and pressure; maintaining washers, mirrors, and wipers and ensuring light bulbs are working properly. According to VOSA, these are the most common areas of serious flops.


Most individuals wish they could avoid paying retest charge, particularly with the expense of car insurance and petrol putting the pinch on pocket of the motorists. If your vehicle fails, you must get it re-tested at the same test station after getting the repairs done, to avoid another full test charge.


You should first check the lights.  Almost a third of all failures are owed to lighting faults but testing the light bulbs prior to going for the MOTs Cranbrook is simple to do. Replacement bulbs are economical and you can replace them on your own, all you need is a car manual. It is also noted that one in 10 failures is because of tyre problems; check the tyres. To check the amount of tread remaining, use a tread depth measure. It is better to fix new tyres well before the authorized minimum 1.6mm depth is reached. Ensure that the tyre pressures are exact and that they do not have bulges, cuts, or other marks of damage.


Check the areas such as mirrors and windscreen wiper blades from a driver’s view of the road. Windscreen wiper blades must be replaced if they have been in use for more than a year or if they show any signs of damage. Rear view mirrors should be in good condition and adjustable. You must even check that you refill the screen wash reservoir and ensure it is properly working before you go for the test. As your car garage Cranbrook to take care of this for you.


Check with your local newspaper for other offers, for instance, free MOT or a cut-price thrown in with a major service. You can send your car for testing before a month the old certificate expires. The new certificate will work for twelve months from the expiration of the old one. Ensure the horn sounds are clear and loud and clean your car from inside and outside. The tester can turn down to accept a truly dirty car.


It is very possible to pass your MOTS Cranbrook on the first attempt by bringing your car to our car garage Cranbrook. Contact us for more information.