Elite Chicago courtesans: Dream comes true for men with the finest taste!

5th July 2016, Chicago, IL: People, who are ready to invest in all things that are best-in-class, often have experiences that the bourgeoisie can only dream of. The truth holds in the business of private escorts Chicago or courtesans as well. People with an average budget can only find pretty faces that fulfill their physical desires only.

On the other hand, the men who have a taste for the finest things in life can get lucky enough to be graced with the companionship of elite, highly qualified, accomplished women who are in this business because it’s a life choice that pleases them. TemptModels.com brings you such a woman who stands a class apart because being in the courtesan business is not a necessity for her (given that she has an otherwise successful professional life), but a means to explore her intellectual and carnal boundaries.

This woman despises being subverted and makes her stand clear in the very beginning: shear looking for an equal companionship. You’ll only charge for the time and company (read conversations) which she spares, anything beyond that shall not be a part of the contract. Speaking of conversations, this is where she stands out from the ordinary esc0rt ladies, because this elite and independent courtesan is highly educated, in fact, she is pursuing her PhD degree! Thereby, one can guess that this woman too have a preference for men who can hold on to her intellectual cravings.

TemptModels.com brings you to a woman who knows as many as four to five languages and has profound interesting academic career, in arts, literature, fashion designing or something equally intriguing. So, men who like beautiful companions with an equally fascinating and captivating mind are in for a treat.

The best independent women in business claim to have vast and diversified cultural background which gives them an immense experience about life and ways of life in general. Simultaneously, having lived their lives to the fullest, they also boast of profound sexual wisdom and maturity. Therefore, men who look for mature women to spend some real quality time with can have the best dates of their lives with these elite ladies. This woman too is one of her kind!

In this field, privacy is always a concern and the lady might be bent on keeping her real identity a secret. The questions men ask might have no limits, but her answers certainly do. However, by no means does she suppresses or hide she real, intense personality and that’s the real treat for the men they encounter!

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