iPad Air 3 Release Date

Press Release, Place, and 2nd July 2016: when we talk about iPad it is almost a buzz all round the globe and now Apple has come up with the latest in its iPad kitty, iPad air 3. But there is a U-Turn where the company has skipped the former to launch iPad pro of 9.7. With all the specifications and stunning features this one is certainly the best in the business right now. There are many people who are waiting for the release date of iPad air 3. The iPad air 3 release date is expected to be this autumn 2016.

IPad Air 3 specifications:

The processor of this one would be A9 that makes it faster and more efficient than the later one, A8.

The RAM would be 3 or 4GB

The display screen would be 9.7 inches

The screen resolution would be 401 pixels

The design would be sleek and the best in the business

The storage would be 32GB minimum

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Contact information:

Website : https://ipadair3i.com/

Email: septemberdcavitt@inbound.plus