Dr. Victor Hajko Announces All on 4 Dental Implant Treatment at his New Clinic


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All on 4 dental treatment Introduced at Hungary Dental Implant with Advanced Technology

The Oral dental surgeon and well known dentist in London Dr. Victor Hajko has announces all on 4 dental implants treatment at his London dentistry. One of the effective and efficient dental procedure benefited number of patients to restore their natural smile in one day. The treatment is ideal for those who are sacred to get dental treatment for teeth restoration. The most blossom experience for the people who lost their natural smile. This procedure allow implant placement without the need for bone grafting. This saves patients money and time, and simplifies the procedure.

When all on 4 procedure is not launched many patients would go for extensive bone grafting or wear denture before going for dental implants. As many people avoid going for dental implant treatment as they do not want to wear denture. The main advantage of all on 4 technique is the way in which the implants are fixed, normally implants are fixed at 90 degree angle but with the all on 4 procedure two of this are inserted at 45 degree angle towards the front of the jawbone where the bone density is higher.

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The dentistry is renowned in London for their excellence services in dental care and oral dentistry. The dentistry have expertise and considerable experience inall on 4 dental implants and bone grafting. The dentistry also provide consultations, check-ups, general and cosmetic dental treatments as well as implant surgeries in London. Consultations are carried out by top implantologists who are registered with the British Dental Council and travel to London for these consultations every month.


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