gets high demand after slashing rates last week to reach a ten month low

London, UK 3rd July, 2016 – has said that it has seen an increase in demand for its proofreading service after slashing its rates to a ten month low a few days ago. The company is expected to keep expanding its market in the near future. has confirmed that the main reason why it decided to reduce the rates was based on the assessment of trends in the market. The company says that it realized that professional proofreading had become a central part of academic writing and almost 50% of the market is high school and college children who don’t have a lot of cash.

However, the company also discovered another important fact. Based on its market research done over the last few years managed to notice that there is still a big population of students who don’t use professional proofreading services due to the high costs. All these factors then inspired the company to slash its rates.

The main goal here is to lure students in different colleges to explore professional proofreader services each and every time they are doing academic papers. In addition to this, the provider feels that with low costs, it will be able to avail its expertise too many students and in the end, a lot of people will benefit in the process. This is definitely what the firm needed at this point in time.

Experts have said that the slashing of rates at will be a defining moment in the entire proofreading sector. The proofreading professional has confirmed that the cuts are not temporary so people can expect low rates moving forward in the future. For more information about the firm go to and learn more today.

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