sets a schedule for the recruitment of editors in its US based team

London, UK 2nd July, 2016 – has released a schedule that will be used to recruit new editors to its personal statement editing team that is based in the US. The process is set to begin next week and end in 7 weeks time. has said that based on its experience recruiting personal statement review service experts, it is very important to have a schedule. The schedule is designed to ensure that the time frame is used well and that no step in the recruitment process is skipped or overlooked due to lack of enough time. The schedule is very flexible and will be used in its entirety. has said that the recruitment will begin next week with an invitation for people to send their application. After that, the personal statement proofreading company will begin to review each of the application and decide which candidates fit the bill. This is something that will take three weeks according to the schedule.

After that, a week will be designated for interviews. Here, the candidates will be exposed to a series of questions that are all designed to see how good they are in the personal statement edit niche. The interviews and the vetting will extend to two weeks more and the right candidates will then be identified. What will follow is the training that is expected to take three weeks.

In this particular process, the new editors will be given a guide on how to do the best personal statement editing service. They will also learn how works, the kind of quality to put and the ultimate roles and responsibilities that each editor has. Once they have learned that, they will be hired. You can go to and learn more about this.

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