5 Effective ways to remove salon dye stain from skin

You know our desires differ in almost cases whether it taking meal, watching movies, shopping clothes or availing services. Talking about look, some of you want your hair to have natural color while some to have color f their desires. And for this, you do dyeing at home or get your hair dyed at a salon. There are chances of getting stains of dye color on the skin. As you know dye stain can damage your look so you try to get rid of it. Here are some effective ways for this:

Apply olive or baby oil

Some experts advise that applying olive oil on the affected area can help you to remove the stain. Take a ball of cotton, dab it into olive oil and apply on the stained area. Rub gently the affected area till the color fades. A color expert at Butterfly Studio Salon, Cortney Crace, says that baby oil is better than olive one for getting rid of salon dye stain. According to her, “Mix [face] cleanser with baby oil and apply or use some baby oil first applying directly on the problem area, rotating in circular motions to target stain, [and] then cleanse the area”.

Use cold ashes

There is an unconventional trick, the use of cold cigarette ashes, is very old. If you skin is very tough but not sensitive, get ready to apply the cold ashes. Take a small bowl and mix ashes and warm water in it. Take a cotton ball and dab it into the mix and apply on the affected area. Wait for 15 minutes and watch your skin getting free from stains. Wash your face.

Make use of your makeup remover

You know your makeup remover is a multipurpose product. In order to get rid of salon dye stain, dab a cotton ball into the makeup remover and apply it on the stained area. Wait for five minutes and rinse. The stain should disappear.


Take a bit of hairspray onto a cotton ball. Apply it on the stained area just after dyeing your hair. Rub the ball on the affected area. You can get rid of the stain.

Salon dye stain remover

The market is flooded with several dye stain removers. Shop the best one and apply it on the stained area to get rid of the stain.

It is hoped that you will be able to remove the hair dye stain from skin by applying anyone of the above mentioned tips.