Someone is going to cave on NBA games

Will these teams have the discipline to fold when the bidding gets heated? Signing Howard
introduces a wild card into a team’s culture, and for the Blazers, it would change the way they
play. Howard isn’t as nimble as Mason Plumlee, and not nearly as comfortable a passer in space;
could he punish teams that trap Damian Lillard the way Plumlee does with artful drive-and-kick

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After years of Tankapalooza, the NBA has reached a point at which almost every team — and maybe
literally every team — wants to win more basketball games. What a concept!

The NBA is a zero-sum game. A team that wants to win will fail, and by failing, net a prize in a
loaded draft lottery. The path from the playoffs to the top half of the lottery is clear.Our company homepage : .