OnTimeCabs.in Pune Offers New Hourly Rates in Pune

Taxi services in Pune are the only way to get around quickly outside of public transport, as car licenses ensure that only the richest can afford a private vehicle. As such, taxi companies work hard to provide the ultimate service and help ensure individuals build a loyalty with a particular firm. OnTimeCabs.in has been working hard to provide the best service in Pune, and is expanding that mission by offering new kinds of services designed to better reflect the needs of community.

The new services on offer include Pune to Aurangabad Cab services charged by the hour as opposed to by the journey, meaning those with several stops to make, touring the city sightseeing or those with a long meeting can have a taxi act as a chauffeur driven service, to wait to collect users after dropping them off.

A spokesperson for OnTimeCabs.in explained, “We are thrilled to be able to diversify our services in this way, as we are certain these services will provide a better fit for the modern needs of the citizens of Pune, as well as offering a more cost effective means for individuals to undertake key services. Before, an hourly service was only available in a luxury vehicle and cost far more than people needed to pay. Equally, a courier service came at a heavy premium. Now we offer those services with all the affordability of a taxi cab. We look forward to seeing new customers take up these services.”

About OnTimeCabs.in
OnTimeCabs.in provides a one-stop service for all transportation needs. OnTimeCabs.in pays attention to each detail and shapes their services to exactly meet clients’ unique needs. OnTimeCabs.in Booking is suitable for family outings, events or travel around Pune. Their Mumbai To Aurangabad Car Rental will provide a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

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