Vender – a Prospecting and Managing Tool for Modern Salespeople

Monitor your sales lead anytime, anywhere – all in mobile!

With the high demand for a more efficient method of managing sales and clients, marketing professionals are now faced with the bigger challenge of keeping close tabs of their regular transactions.  Vender, an app by Optimind Technology Solutions, is launched January of this year to address such demand.

It is developed with the thought of providing a mobile tool that salespeople could easily carry around even while away from their office desks.  One notable aspect of the app is its simple interface meant to reduce as much clutter as possible. This, in result, reduces the overall hassle experienced by workers in navigating through its various tabs.

Apart from its simple and practical appearance comes its advance segregation-capable inbox that helps salespeople filter the leads coming in and out of the system. Using the tool, one no longer has to segregate names manually. The app itself does the job on your behalf.

In a dynamic market such as the one we have at present, knowing who to tap becomes a major determining factor whether or not you get to ace the competition. Optimind Technology Solutions understands this demand and has committed itself to providing support not only to startup businesses but also to veterans on the field who want to keep their positions on top of their league.

To ensure that transactions are well documented, Vender is equipped with the capacity to collect or save communication log which can be accessed by app users. Real-time notification feature is also available that alerts you of leads that require more urgency compared to the rest.

To sales people who are working on bigger arena, more advanced features are available on the app’s premium version. Function such as the automatic cloud sync adds a layer of security to all information stored in the tool. This way, users can readily pull out the information they need even while off-mobile. The comprehensive web-based summary report that displays all lead-related analysis in colorful graphs is also available.

There are several apps out there that are made to assist professionals working on this arena. However, developers of the Vender app are positive that this tool is by far the easiest and lightest material that delivers high-quality output to users. Its combined speed and practical functions make it a must-have for a lot of sales personnel especially those who always go out and follow up clients on field.

The app functions 24/7 so you can trust to get the best leads even when your regular office hour is already over. Regardless of one’s employment status, full or part time, Vender works just fine.