Plumb Perfect Plumbing: A Fredericksburg Plumber Offering 24/7 Service

Fredericksburg, VA–Homes have water and, with the system that delivers clean water and removes waste water, there are many types of problems that can occur. Most of us know that when the worst-case scenario happens, it isn’t likely to be during normal business hours. The first challenge when confronting an emergency plumbing situation is to find a Fredericksburg plumber who will respond when you need them. When you have a leak or a backed up sink, the last thing anyone wants to do is wait until Monday to get it taken care of.

Plumb Perfect Plumbing ( is the solution for all types of plumbing problems from Prince William to Fredericksburg and the surrounding areas. They begin by listening to the details of the situation over the phone before they leave to go to the destination. This allows them to give the resident an understanding of what is causing their plumbing problem. Regardless of what that problem turns out to be, the Fredericksburg plumber has the skills to locate the problem and fix it quickly and efficiently.

The goal of Plumb Perfect Plumbing is to make life simpler for their customers. At a time when they are under stress because of an unfamiliar plumbing problem and their needs for a fast repair, the professionals can always count on getting the solutions they need from a qualified Fredericksburg plumber with a genuine desire to provide them with the best quality services.

Plumb Perfect Plumbing offers a broad range of plumbing and related services including:

•    14-Hour Emergency Plumbing Service
•    Toilets
•    Drain Cleaning
•    Faucets
•    Water Heaters
•    Garbage Disposals
•    Sump Pumps
•    Pipe Repairs
•    Sewage Ejector Pumps
•    Septic Pumps

Any situation that occurs in a home that is related to water can be improved on by a Fredericksburg plumber with an extensive knowledge of plumbing products and systems. Whether the complaint is a dripping faucet, slow running drains, or a loss of hot water, Plumb Perfect Plumbing has the professionals available to provide real solutions that will last for a long time.

About Plumb Perfect Plumbing

Plumb Perfect Plumbing ( is a privately owned Fredericksburg, Virginia residential plumbing company that serves Prince William, Fredericksburg, and the surrounding areas. Owner Thomas James has more than fifteen years of plumbing experience in addition to a family history of plumbers. He applies his in-depth knowledge and expertise to every call that he answers. By offering 24/7 service, they offer Fredericksburg residents the security of knowing they have professional plumbing experts available when things break down. Thomas has founded his company on the idea of giving each customer the best quality personalized service they need and that they can feel secure about.