Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy Redefining Healthcare Practices

The four R’s of regenerative medicine are Restore, Replace, Repair and Regenerate. Regenerative medicine is making revolutionary progress in treating patients with an array of degenerative conditions and/or injuries that are historically resistant to traditional treatment options. Chicagoland Medical is excited to engage patient challenges with regenerative stem cell therapy and other advancing technologies to contribute to the best possible outcomes for our patients.

What Are Stem Cells?

The human body, both tissue and bone are made of tiny cells that have developed to function in every area of the body. Hair cells do not serve the same purpose as kidney cells or blood cells. All of the cells that compose our bodies are fully developed. The stem cells, however, that are collected (not from embryos, not at Chicagoland), are essentially “blank cells”. These blank cells have not developed into any particular type of cell therefore they are able to mimic or adapt to the cells in a particular area of the body. For example, if stem cells are introduced in the liver, they can mold into liver cells. This is the same for cartilage and tissue cells.

What Is Stem Cell Therapy?

Platelets and stem cells are responsible for repair, whether in healing an injury or recovering from surgery. Platelets are found circulating in the blood stream in moderately small numbers. By concentrating the platelets drawn from your own blood supply, we are able to harness the power of platelets to relieve pain and stop inflammation for orthopedic disorders and injuries. Stem Cell Therapy procedures are replacing traditional orthopedic surgery in many instances for conditions ranging from soft tissue injuries to various joint afflictions, such as a torn meniscus or arthritis of the joint.

What Are Potential Treatment Benefits?

·        Renews, repairs and promotes grown factors for pain/ injuries

·        Promotes and releases natural regenerative growth factors

·        Release anti-inflammatory agents to aid and speed the healing process

·        Improve joint, tendon and ligament functions

·        No risk of allergic or adverse reaction

·        Little to no downtime, a safe and fast recovery

·        Promotes new tissue growth, and healing properties

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Alternatives To Surgery

Knee replacements are one of the most common Orthopedic surgeries suggested for pain relief. With a surgery comes multiple appointments, recovery down time, pain, scars, and occasionally hardware damage done to your body. Our procedures help alleviate pain and the conditions causing it, with a same day injection. There is little to no downtime and most patients return to normal activity the same day.

Treating Major Diseases

To date, more than 80 diseases have been successfully treated with stem cells and regenerative medicine. Regenerative medicine is defined as an emerging field of procedures that aim to regenerate, repair, or replace damaged tissues and organs within the body. The U. S. National Institute of Health has defined regenerative medicine as the process of creating functional tissue to repair and replace tissue or organs that have lost their ability to perform or function due to damage, defects, age, or congenital defects. Since all major disease and diagnosis differ from person to person, a consultation with our doctor is required to see if this treatment would help you.